I’m leaving for New York in ten hours.

I picked up a derelict iBook G4 yesterday that I’m bringing with me to South America, which solves my photo storage/blogging problem. I’ve spent most of this afternoon cleaning out the hard drive and installing the adobe creative suite, ftp software, and syncing all my important stuff from my desktop. It’s heavy and slow as shit, but should some conniving bastard decide to grab it from under me in Sao Paulo, I won’t miss it like I would my good computer.

I planned on simply using a calling card to occasionally call home from payphones, but am having last minute thoughts about upgrading for two months to the AT&T international plan. Can’t live without twitterfon and text messages. I guess I can always decide in New York.

I still haven’t packed.

Clothes, toiletry bag, camera, laptop, ipod, chargers for the electronics, outlet adapter, passport, international drivers license, portuguese phrase book, notebook/pens, and a novel or two. It must all fit into this.

My life for two months in 4200 cubic inches or less.

This entry has been written from, and the following photo- shot earlier in the week with the leica- was processed by the aforementioned derelict laptop, as a test of sorts. Assuming this is being read online, the test has been a success.

Great success.

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