Downtown Las Vegas

(The Slightly Derelict Fremont Street Experience by iPhone Camera)

After a forty five minute flight from JFK to Boston, six hour layover at Logan Airport, six hour flight to Long Beach, night and day on the beach, and four hours in the backseat of a Jeep Wrangler, I found myself in a twenty two dollar per night hotel room on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas with fifteen or so of my favorite people. I’m proud to have not set foot on the strip the entire weekend, though at one point while looking for trouble on the east side of downtown we considered walking to the Stratosphere.

Nice things have no place around deep fried oreos, crackheads, or ten dollar AYCD brunch buffets, so I decided to keep my Leica locked in the room and shoot with my iPhone all weekend.

Downtown eastside

Movie set alley

Alien invasion

Bed bugs!

The Golden Nugget pool has sharks!

Deep fried oreo coma


Miles away from the strip


Blunts and burner phones


Shot down

Ironic Brunch #1

Bye Vegas

Chicago Thursday. Mexico the following Wednesday. More soon.

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So I’m Going to Africa

(but first I’m going to Las Vegas)

Iberia’s website is/was selling unadvertised fares on American, British Airways, and Iberia and I managed to get a roundtrip flight from New York to Casablanca for under $400. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the area, but it seems that besides Casablanca I’ll also be headed to Marrakech, Rabat, and Tangier, as well as ferrying to the south of Spain. We’re also trying to figure out the logistics of getting into Algeria, though the hassle and cost of the visa and documentation that is required to get in, coupled with the fact that the land border from Morocco is closed, might be a bit much.

I flew to Long Beach yesterday (JFK-BOS-LGB for $5 in taxes with my last old jetBlue Trueblue pass) and I’m currently waiting to jump into a car to Las Vegas. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend who was born in 1990. He turned 21 earlier this week and has booked five rooms on the old Fremont strip for the weekend.

Photos coming soon!

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2010 Catch Up

I finally got around to some of these photos from the past year while hanging out in Logan Airport for five hours on my way from New York to Long Beach yesterday. Most were shot with my Leica, though some are iPhone photos and some are from my 35mm toy camera.

Interstate 70 Between Green River and Salina, Utah

On the road from Liberia to La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

Lunch at a roadside soda in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Small Town Costa Rica north of San Jose

Mexico City

Central Mexico City

Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

Bridgelife, Chicago

Pilsen from Bridgelife


Riis Park, Queens

Memorial Day BBQ in Brooklyn

Maujer Roof, Brooklyn

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Atlantic City

Atlantic City


Montreal from Mount Royal


Portuguese Lunch in the Plateau, Montreal


Pollo Tropical Cat, Miami

Long Beach

Kogi BBQ Truck, LA


Omelette Inn!

Hole Mole!

Parking Garage in Chicago that thinks it’s the 2 Train

Grayslake, Illinois

After the Christmas Blizzard, Brooklyn.

Chinatown Fair Arcade, New York

East from the Empire State Building

I left for California yesterday with my car looking like this.

This sums up the past few months pretty well.

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Costa Rica September

I found three nights + a roundtrip flight from JFK to SJO for $300 per person and went to Costa Rica on a few days notice back in September. It became a four night trip when we were forced to spend an additional night in San Jose after missing the three hour cutoff for our flight. It became a five night trip because we had a 10pm-8am layover in Miami and enjoyed a traditional Wednesday night at LIV with Sir Juan Herrera.

Tarcoles River

Crocodiles and Cows

I’d definitely recommend Vista Los Sueños

Jacó Beach


Manuel Antonio

Hillside outside of Manuel Antonio

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