Still in Seoul

The weather has been pretty terrible this week. Rainy, cold, and windy Monday through Wednesday. However today was pretty nice and the weekend is supposed to be great. Tomorrow afternoon I’m interviewing for a job that would begin in August. I think I’d be happy to live here for a while…

Here’s some pictures from the past few days.

Earlier this evening Jerome bought a sweet Korean track frame from one the two fixed gear shops that exist within two hundred meters of each other. I bought a pastor taco from the taco shop that lives between the two bike stores. It’s worth noting that it was both more authentic and more delicious than any taco I’ve ever had in New York.

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Saturday in Seoul

Last night was fun, which accounts for our not leaving the apartment until 3:00 this afternoon. Today we took the subway to Dongmyo to a flea market that puts the LA swapmeets to shame. Afterwards we wandered around Sinchon and the university on the way back to the apartment.

Nighttime in this city gets the full stamp of approval. I haven’t seen so many people on the streets at 5 AM since Buenos Aires. Headed out to a party in Hongdae now. More soon.

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I got to Seoul about 24 hours ago. Super jetlagged, but we went out for a bit last night and I wandered the city for a while today between work and naps. Going out to a party now, but here’s some random snaps from the flight and the first day here.


Leaving LA

Limousine to Jerome’s

This is how the seafood stays fresh

Near Sinchon Rotary I think

Seoul is built in and around the mountains

More soon!

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The Coney Island of Baja California (and beyond)


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I drove to California again last week. Unlike most of the other times I’ve driven across the country, I won’t be driving back. Instead, tomorrow morning I’m catching a flight from LAX to Tokyo and finally Seoul. Not sure what the plan is after that, but I have a flight back to LA from Tokyo sometime in early May. I’ll be trusting Aidan and Wurl to return themselves as well as my car to Chicago.

Twitter tells me that we left Chicago (the corner of Washington and Damen, to be specific) at 5:57 PM on the evening of Monday April 12th (just moments after moving out of the apartment I’d been living in for the past six months). Despite the brief roadside fiasco that took place after a dead deer found its way underneath the car in rural Iowa, we made it to Denver in time for a proper breakfast at the Denver Diner, though not before Wurl offended the entire city by ordering a Boulder Omelette.

A single phone call from the breakfast table in Denver reserved us a room at the Tropicana in Las Vegas for that same evening. The reservationist found it to be quite amusing that we would be driving from Denver that day. Out of fear of overstimulating her, I omitted the fact that we’d already been on the road for fifteen hours.

I was able to finish some design work in the time that I spent in the passenger seat, so a few stops were made along the way to send off work at wifi hotspots throughout western Colorado. The snow in Summit County slowed us down a bit, but we still made it to St. George, Utah in time to enjoy a sundown In-N-Out stop before the final stretch into Vegas. Vegas was Vegas, as it always has been and always will be. We stayed up late, woke up early, and drove to Long Beach.

Not five minutes after arriving in Long Beach, Marky S called from the runway of Long Beach Airport, as his flight had just arrived from JFK. Despite numerous objections, Brendan picked him up. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty typical derelict Long Beach days. Friday morning we woke up and drove to Mexico.

A few weeks earlier I’d finagled a pretty awesome rate on a two bedroom suite at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, which is where we based our operations for the weekend. As it’d been a few years since I’d set foot in Baja, it was pretty shocking to witness the effects of the border crime and the resulting US Travel Warning on the area. The whole south end of Rosarito is a ghost town after dark- the Coney Island of Baja California. Nonetheless, we had access to two hot tubs, three pools, and ocean, and complementary dinner buffet both nights. In addition to this we had signed up to ride our bikes fifty miles down the coast to Ensenada on Saturday, which we all did quite impressively on track bikes.

Shortly after purchasing a box of churros and refusing to purchase a small dog, both while waiting in the always ridiculous line to enter the United States at San Ysidro, we were enjoying ourselves at the In-N-Out/Denny’s in National City. Later that evening our group spent upwards of thirty dollars on the photo booth in Alex’s Bar, resulting in perhaps the greatest sequence of photo strips in history. We can only hope that one day someone will actually scan them. Two more days of typical Long Beach/LA derelicism bring me to the humid living room from which I’m currently blogging.

Packed and ready to leave Chicago.

Working from the Safeway parking lot.

Island Tower at the Tropicana.

So amusing.

Five bikes on the trunk and headed to Mexico.

Stop at Target in San Diego.

Getting into Mexico is easy.

The Rosarito Pier just outside our room.

The lesser of the two pools.

Our suite.

Starting area for the ride.


The Halfway House- the first check point.

Half way between Tijuana and Ensenada.


Where the free road meets the toll road, just north of Ensenada.

Going to eat sushi, do laundry, go to the bar, and go to Asia. More coming soon.

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Live from Omelette Inn

In the never ending battle of days and omelettes, breakfast is winning 3 to 2. I’m in long beach today, baja tomorrow.

(posted from my iphone as a test)

More soon.

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